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BOOKENDING WINTER: Reading Goals For The New Year

img_0975Another day and another Bookending Winter prompt! Honestly guys, Bookending Winter has been #THRIVING because of you and I am super stocked to be meeting so many new faces and getting to see new blogs! My heart is literally full that I cannot even.

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Today we have our final prompt from the AMAZING Lauren @ Northern Plunder! Big shout out to her and her amazingness, if you haven’t followed her yet, honestly what are you waiting for? She is an absolute gem, and a 10/10 recommend!



Β Reading Goals for the New Year
Setting out a plan for what books I’d like to read in 2019

U5dqnYndKb89RJVchhQFZB6hgai85B5_1680x8400Read the Shadow Hunter Chronicles

This has been on my resolutions since I stopped at City of Ash. But as the final conclu Continue reading “BOOKENDING WINTER: Reading Goals For The New Year”

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BOOKENDING WINTER 2018 Announcement


So if you have been roaming around the Twitterverse or if you are on the New Bloggers Discord server, you would have seen some pretty exciting news that is taking place in the month of December. As you all know, Me and my partner in crime Clo @ Book Dragons have created Bookend Events which is essentially our way to bring the book blogging community closer together, through the one thing we love best–blogging!

This winter me and Clo are happy to announce Bookending Winter 2018! It’s our own version of Blogmas and I am completely head over heels in love and excited for it! This event will have all new hosts (and some returning from Blogoween!) with completely new prompts!

So without further ado….ALL THE INFORMATION!!! Continue reading “BOOKENDING WINTER 2018 Announcement”

Bookend Events

ANNOUNCING: Bookend Events

Happy Sunday folks and boy do I have an amazing exciting announcement for you story tellers! As many of you know Clo and I created and co-organized Blogoween this year and it was amazing in every shape and form. As a our first time doing anything like that, Clo and I were shocked and so very happy at how everything turned out!

But now, December is fast approaching and me and Clo have been putting our thinking caps on, plotting, and planning to make something great, and we are so incredibly proud and excited to share our new baby: BOOKEND EVENTS with you all!

Created by Clo @ Book Dragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam (that’s me if you didn’t know). We both realized while doing Blogoween that we wanted to plan events like Blogoween for the long term as we both love the book blogging community so very much. So with much talking and planning, we have created something we hope will be out best way to give back to all of you book bloggers, and we hope that through this we can create events you will absolutely be excited to take part in! Continue reading “ANNOUNCING: Bookend Events”